Alpha Auto Glass and Tint


lifetime warranty On parts and service

We offer a LIFETIME Warranty on all our parts and service even our Chip Repairs!! This does not however cover new accidental damage. It covers workmanship, glass, and any no matter how infrequent manufacturing defects.

Free mobile service and valet

All of our services are offered with mobility and flexibility in mind. We come to you whether at work, home, hobby or healthcare office. Tinting mobile is available only to customers with a Garage that can be worked in for Warranty Assurance if you do not have a garage no problem we offer a free valet service for your vehicle from your home or work to the shop and back again upon completion!

mirror replacement

We replace any cracked, scratched, shattered or otherwise damaged mirrors on all make and model vehicles. These are usually dealer parts and that is what we use unless it is unavailable anymore. We do not short cut and always work with your scheduling needs! We will go to your home your office or even your families house if that is what you request of us and you can expect all of that from us with a friendly smile on our faces!

headlight Restoration

We do State of the Art headlight restoration for your fogged discolored or dingy headlights so keep safe and keep shining with brand new looking and lighting Headlamps! It is a real treat to get all your Glass Mirrors and Lights looking their best and functioning at top capacity. it is not only the best for looks alone but also for safety it is a complete concern of ours for every customer out there!


We are the Premier Tinting Technicians in the State. We use Top Quality American Films and our installers are some of the most experience in the State. We specialize in the high end automobiles but that does not mean we are the priciest or that we will not do any car that comes our way with the same precision and pride. We are the best at what we do and even offer our excellent mobile service on our tint jobs or if you do not have a Garage we will valet the vehicle for you. Our pricing is Competitive and we offer the best Warranty in Arizona!

Replace & Repair

We Replace all Auto Glass in all Vehicles using only the very best American Parts. We work with All insurance companies and do Cash replacements as well. We repair damage that is repairable we are not trying to give you a new windshield if you do not need it. All of our Insurance replacements come with lifetime chip repairs. No other Company in Arizona will offer service even nearing what we do for our customers. We aim to keep you safe in the most pleasant and perfect way possible and we never miss our mark!

premium Services offered

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